A "Coco" Outlook on Trends

    These days you can turn almost any corner and see just about every girl wearing similar outfits. Common trends are reasonable to see in every girl, but when it's nearly the same outfit - where is the fun in that? Where is the uniqueness? And girls aren't the only ones who do this, it is seen in both sexes. At this moment, the "look" you'd most likely see amongst girls is an oversized sweater and some boots, most likely UGG boots. OH and let's not forget with a Starbucks cup in hand (I feel like that has even become part of the outfit...weird.) In guys, you'll see the combover type hairstyle and the same screen print tee from whichever brand is most popular at the time all topped over the same pair of classic vans. 

    Regardless of what the popular outfit style is at the time, it is most likely the only outfit you'll be seeing. Hopefully whoever comes across this doesn't take offense to this but instead walks away with a new outlook on trends, if of course this applies to you.

    The way I see trends are almost like an outline to an essay: You start with what you know (the trend) and you use creativity to make it your own. So let's say that my oversized sweater and boot idea is what the current trend was... I'd use that idea as my "outline" and base my outfit around it but make it more me. I take what I like, my own personal style, and apply it to the idea. So in this example mine would look a little like this: High knee socks peeking out of the boot and overlapping my skinny jeans + a similar colored infinity scarf, change the sweater into an open cardigan instead so I can pick a solid color top to throw under that would compliment the color of my socks/scarf combo and just like that the outfit has become my own unique take on the commonly seen trend!

Now I challenge you to try it! Add some of your own personal style to an outfit and see what a difference it makes. Don't blend with the crowd - stand out! 

As Coco Chanel once said, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

  • my favorite infinity scarfs can be found here @ brandy melville
  • my favorite high-knee socks can be found @ urban outfitters (currently 2 for $22) and free people has an entire page to shop from dedicated solely to high styled socks or if you wanna save some cash get a pack of 2 for $10 at forever 21 

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