What's up with Alex & Ani?!

What's all the hype about Alex & Ani bangles? Well, I decided to find out for myself. I love jewelry but was never a bracelet or bangle person because of the fact that I could never find any that properly fit my ridiculously small wrists. Absolutely none! Once I heard about Alex & Ani and their adjustable bangles I thought this was finally my shot at being a bracelet person. The first thing I noticed after purchasing one was how large it was and I had to google how to adjust it (even though it's pretty much self explanatory I wanted to be sure!) After squeezing it tight two or three times I noticed a significant change in size and eventually got it down to the perfect size to fit around my wrist.

The beginning of my collection (BEWARE: they're addicting!)
  • Alex & Ani bangles have the ability to fit just about anyone because of their ability to expand and adjust to be smaller. 
  • Each bangle comes with a card that gives a meaning behind it. (some bangles even donate proceeds to different non-profit organizations )  
  • The Alex & Ani website has just about every charm or symbol imaginable! 
  • You can also check them out online at Nordstrom (feel shipping always, no minimum. AHH!) 
  • Each bangle comes in gold and silver so you can choose to stick with one color or mix them up. 
  • Ani is pronounced "Ah-knee"… which I originally had no idea and was wondering why the sales associate at Nordstrom was constantly correcting me when I said Alex & "Annie"… whoops!


  1. I've discovered your blog thanks to your comment in my latest post and I have to say I love it! I'm following you on Bloglovin, I think we could follow each other. :)


  2. lovely things!



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