Shades of Cool

Photo taken by Madison Elysee
Shades of blue are my absolute favorite, especially when it comes to wardrobe choice. Blue is a color that I feel isn't shy to any season and can be worn year-round. This summer, which happened to be the hottest in history, was the perfect summer to own a pair of turquoise blue aviators. I found that regardless of their extremely noticeably bright hue, I was able to incorporate them with almost every outfit (or at least, I did it anyway!) With this ensemble, I tried to go for a laid back bohemian feel. The off-the-shoulder top was bell-sleeved (so 1970 of me) paired with tulip styled shorts and tan colored sandals.

{ Shoes: Sam Edelman, Shorts: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban }
Photo taken by Madison Elysee
the inspiration behind the outfit & post: The Georgian Hotel on Ocean Ave


  1. love the outfit!!

  2. so cute darling :)



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