Belled Blues

It's no secret that blue is my favorite color... but blue in combination with my favorite trend - bell sleeves?! It's a recipe for an overload obsession. This top is by ONE WAY, sold by LF stores and I am absolutely more than obsessed. Find similar ones here or head over to your nearest LF.

The rest of the look: Denim shorts - CARMAR
Necklace - FREE PEOPLE
Lennon heel - FREE PEOPLE

Casually Coined

Ankle-cut booties are my go-to shoe for the Spring and Summer season and considering Spring has officially commenced here in the always sunny California, it was time to pull out my favorite pair. I've had these American Rag cut-out booties since last year and I got them just before going to Coachella (a music festival here in the US that happens once a year). The taupe hue makes them so easy to pair with almost any outfit.
Waxed denim has been my every-day jean choice lately and seems to be popular with just about everyone else. The "skinny" fit combined with the waxed finish help elongate the look of my not-so-long legs. I find that any time I feel like looking a bit taller than 5 feet, I run off in these! Notice the black strap in the photo above this one? Well, I decided to wear my new favorite sports bra underneath this razorback tank! It is a black meshed-covered bra that looked perfect peaking out through the side. Exact can be found here - take a look!

all photos taken by sweet and loving best friend, Christyana.
Coins, coins, coins! Coined necklaces and jewelry have been flooding my instagram feed! This silver turkish coin bib was the perfect way to complement the silver buckles on the side of my cut out booties. I came across this beautiful piece while I was shopping at my favorite store in Laguna Beach, Ca. and for those of you who aren't able to make the trip to the beautiful California Coast, this exact necklace can be found here. Oh and p.s. this necklace will definitely make it's way to Cocahella 2015 with me... can't wait!

where to find the  r e s t  of the  l o o k:
both the blush pink tank and waxed denim are from  Brandy Melville

What do you think about this casual look? Is it something you'd style on yourself? Let me know in the comments below. I love knowing what my readers love!

Yours truly, 
Kaitlin M.

DIY: pins & polaroids

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

It is impossible to walk into my room without finding picture frames upon my dresser, on my walls, even in my closet. I love filling my room with photos because I love the idea of one photo having the ability to bring you a thousand memories.

One year ago, my mom surprised me with a mini polaroid camera and I instantly fell in love. Without having to drive anywhere to get photos printed, tiny imagines instantly developed straight out of the miniature camera. After having hundreds of these mini polaroids in boxes under my bed I tried to think of different ways of displaying them. Purchase a cork board? Check! But I wanted MORE so here's what I finally came up with - mini clothespins for my mini polaroid. 

What you'll need:
String of any sort (not too thick if you plan to use mini clothespins)
and clear pushpins

Although it's pretty easy to figure out, here's exactly what I did:
I went with a gold metallic elastic string because of the variety of gold I have throughout my room. I cut each strand about 15 inches. You can choose any length but make sure that you add about an inch extra. Tie each end around the pushpin and double-knot it. I left some extra string after the knot because I loved the way it looked. After you figure out where you want to hang your photos, push the pins into any surface - I chose my wall because I had an empty space for a while trying to decide what I wanted there. And there you have it! 

Note: the holes that remain from the pushpin are so tiny that they can go unnoticed and many colleges allow pushpins to be used on the walls so I figured this would be perfect for any other college students who are dorming! In regards to my polaroid? I did some research and compared the differences between the Fujifulm Instax mini 8 and mini 25 and came to love the features on the 25! Below are the links for each camera so be sure to do some research before investing to see which one better suits your polaroid needs! 

fujifilm instax mini 8 // exact polaroid I use (25)  {mini clothespins found @ Anthropologie}

Do YOU have any other creative ways to hang photos? What do you think of mine? Comment below - I'd love to know what you think!

What's up with Alex & Ani?!

What's all the hype about Alex & Ani bangles? Well, I decided to find out for myself. I love jewelry but was never a bracelet or bangle person because of the fact that I could never find any that properly fit my ridiculously small wrists. Absolutely none! Once I heard about Alex & Ani and their adjustable bangles I thought this was finally my shot at being a bracelet person. The first thing I noticed after purchasing one was how large it was and I had to google how to adjust it (even though it's pretty much self explanatory I wanted to be sure!) After squeezing it tight two or three times I noticed a significant change in size and eventually got it down to the perfect size to fit around my wrist.

The beginning of my collection (BEWARE: they're addicting!)
  • Alex & Ani bangles have the ability to fit just about anyone because of their ability to expand and adjust to be smaller. 
  • Each bangle comes with a card that gives a meaning behind it. (some bangles even donate proceeds to different non-profit organizations )  
  • The Alex & Ani website has just about every charm or symbol imaginable! 
  • You can also check them out online at Nordstrom (feel shipping always, no minimum. AHH!) 
  • Each bangle comes in gold and silver so you can choose to stick with one color or mix them up. 
  • Ani is pronounced "Ah-knee"… which I originally had no idea and was wondering why the sales associate at Nordstrom was constantly correcting me when I said Alex & "Annie"… whoops!

No Time for Fall

100 degrees in September? I'll take it!
I've never been one to like the cold weather so I guess I can say that growing up in Southern California has been quite ideal. Typically around this time, the transition between Summer & Fall, I struggle in terms of wardrobe choice. I have always had a rough time deciding if my summer favorites are still acceptable or if I should pull out my riding boots and sweaters. Luckily this weather makes the decision for me... If it's hot enough for me to break some sweat, I guess that means that crop tops and high waisted soft shorts are still a-ok!

photo taken by nadia chloe