Concert Review: Lana Del Rey

The historic Hollywood Forever Cemetery 

After only ever seeing it in movies (like the 2010 Valentine's Day film), I finally got to see the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery for myself. I attended a concert here just three days ago for one of my favorite artists, Lana Del Rey. With that being said, I thought I'd give you guys an overall review on the venue and unforgettable event.

Venue: 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! I usually run for the hills when it comes to the idea of cemetery settings,  especially at night! But the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? Absolutely beautiful. It was my first time there and it was truly something out of this world. If you've never been, I recommend going. I found out that they have mini concerts and events there all the time, so I'd be sure to add it to your bucket list  stat! I'd like to go back during the day for a tour of the cemetery because the landscape is breathtaking and I only saw the moon-lit version of it. A list of famous Hollywood stars buried their can be found on their website here. The list of events that are set to take place at the famous cemetery can be found here

The event: I've been fan of Lana Del Rey 
since I first came across her music on tumblr back in 2011. She was unlike anyone I've ever heard before. Her style of music is so calming and beautiful that you almost forget how dark some of the lyrics actually are. I believe that when it comes to Lana, people either absolutely love her or completely dislike her.

What I wore
Ecote blanket poncho from Urban Outfitters found here
Black BP "Trolley" ankle booties found here
photo taken by nadia chloe

The stage was set beautifully. Lots of palm tree's plus wonderfully done lighting gave off a dark paradise feel, it even made me forget that I was in a cemetery.

Left is my gorgeous cousin Nadia who brought along her Fujifilm Instax Polaroid. Right is the rest of my ensemble: Black BP booties & sheer tights from target. (being in the cemetery made us want to go for the whole "dark" feel when it came picking outfits and even shooting pictures).

finally, the Queen of Darkness herself...

All videos and photos taken by me. Please ask for permission if you plan to use any.

Details about my outfit of choice!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery actually sent out an email via ticketfly the night before the show which included the weather so that we could dress accordingly, which I thought was super cool and thoughtful. So because of the fact that it was going to be freezing cold, I wore an extremely large hooded poncho from Urban Outfitters. I've noticed that poncho's are making their way back for the Fall and have become extremely popular in almost every store, so I thought what better to wear? I wore it with a black long sleeved body-con dress from Forever 21 and threw on an oversized black top by Emma & Sam for a layered look. I added some sheer tights because I was going for a more "grunge" look and finished it off with  BP "Trolley" ankle booties in black for some extra height and well, because who doesn't love black booties?


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  2. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time




  3. I would love to go back to the states again!

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    1. Isn't she the best? Such a beautiful voice!

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