Be Mine

Be Mine

The  month of love is finally here so if love is in the air, I say it's time to get a bit festive with your wardrobe. Whether its some pink polish or maybe just a pink bag, the Valentine's Day spirit is sure to radiate off of you with these lovely finds. Here are some things that February just can't go on without: an initial of your sweethearts name, some pink aviators - perfect for spring, and some nude open-toe heels that'll ensure you'll be tall enough for a goodnight kiss. Check out the rest of my February favorite's below!

What are your favorites? Have any recommendations that aren't on my list? Let me know in your comments below or tweet me: @5ftAve


  1. Great selection, that polaroid camera is so cute! It's just such a cute post, want everything!!! :D


  2. <333 such cool selection!

  3. Loving the hat and that fujifilm instax is also on one of my wish list!
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  4. Hi, Kaitlin! I absolutely love your blog and I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog. Here is the post!

    Please consider answering the questions if you get the chance to! I would love to read everything you have to say :)

  5. Hi Kaitlin I love your blog and nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! come check it out and read the rules and questions!

    xo Jessica @


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