Embellished Brims

Anyone who has been following my blog since the beginning will know that deep army colored green is one of my absolute favorite colors. Sadly, I don't think it'll be as acceptable once the sunny days of Spring begin to shine a little more than they have been lately. So before hanging them in the very back of my closet, I decided to wear these carmar denim skinnies one last time before I start pulling any light colored jeans out.
"Slip-on" sneakers have made their way back into everyones closet, and hearts, this season. Although Vans shoe stores has never stopped selling them like hotcakes, designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and Miu Miu have joined in on the trend. These exact slip-on's are DV by Dolce Vita and luckily for all of you, they're on SALE now and can be found here. 
Last but certainly not least... this beautifully embellished brimmed hat. Thanks to my wonderful Mom, I got this bad boy for Christmas. I've had this hat listed on my "must haves" link for months as some of you may have noticed and was thrilled to find it waiting under the tree for me. The color of this hat is grey but noticed that it has a blush color to it - which I absolutely love! The embellished brand trim is perfect for a bohemian look and I can't wait to see what other outfits I can top off with this Free People find. Exact hat can be found here.
The r e s t of the l o o k:
Bangles  -  Alex and Ani
Oversized top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Sunnies - BP department of Nordstrom 
Handbag - Purchased originally at the Las Vegas Louis Vuitton store but you can call Louis Vuitton for more information including pricing and where to find this unique style at +1.866.VUITTON 


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    1. Thank you and thanks for taking the time to stop by 5ft ave! x

      - Kaitlin

  2. Cute outfit!


  3. love this look! i'm obsessed with your bag and that hat is so cute :)

    xo brie

  4. Those are olive pants are adorable. I need some of those! You've also pretty much convinced me I need a hat like this as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. LOL! Love the idea of that cause this hat is a definite must have!
      xx Kaitlin

  5. You are so cute! I love your hair :)


  6. Nice post, you look so pretty, I really love your outfit and long hair
    have a nice day


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