Mad for Layering

& plaid! Yes, it's true, this is my second blog post in a row that I'm covered in plaid. So maybe I am a little mad for the plaid trend... But who isn't?! My favorite way to style my outfits for the cold weather is layering. I love having fun with different patterns and layers of socks, tights, and scarves and this is how I decided to throw all of that in one! I feel that layering gives you a sense of security... not everything needs to be matchy-matchy and you'll still end up looking trendy (and staying warm!)

k.edward photography
The layers:
Scarf - Free People exact this is my favorite staple piece for the below 100° season! This oversized scarf gives you the option to turn one scarf into an endless amount of looks. Can't wait to see how many outfits I can incorporate this scarf into!
Socks - H&M (found in stores only)
Tights - Target
Shorts - PacSun's stone washed high waisted denim
Promise Ring - this Tiffany Enamel Ring was given to me by my boyfriend of 5 years (yes, 5!) I switch it up from my ring finger to my pointer finger and it's my favorite hand accessory - so be prepared to see it in every post!
Plaid button down - Abercrombie & Fitch exact 
Riding Boots - Franco Sarto (found at Nordstrom)
Oh and what's in the cup? Carmel frap upside-down with whip!


  1. I love your outfit so much! You really have a gift with layering- the clothes compliment your height rather than swallowing you up :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      I do have to keep my height in mind because I find that not ALL things work for me.
      Luckily, I've gotten down how to make layering work despite being teeny tiny!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback!
      xx Kaitlin

  2. beautiful!!!! love your outfit...darling!

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, I love the combination of the clothes :) I also like that first picture, you look very beautiful in it!
    xx Johanna

  4. You look marvelous, girl. Love the boots.

  5. Fantastic look and perfect layering! Gorgeous scarf and boots!

  6. love the over the knee socks - they're so cute on you!

  7. i love how you layered this--you're too cute!

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  9. Looove to layer this time of year!

  10. Love the scarf and the plaid!!

  11. What a cute look, I love it so much!! You make petite work, lol! Love all the layering and how you elongated your petite figure (like mine)! Happy 2015!!!


    1. Thank you so much and Happy New Years to you too!

      xo Kaitlin

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